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"... in good company." is our pledge to be a good employer. To attract and to hold highly talented individuals, we strive to provide professional environments built upon accountability, openness and respect. Environments that are fruitful and offer space for ideas and resources to grow. It is everyone’s own responsibility to seize the opportunities made available to them. Our people are open-minded, actively push for change and build new things in diverse teams. Only then can we reach our most important goal: working together towards growth, whilst striving for something new.


Who we are

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Helping to combine family and careers

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Who we are
With over 550 print and digital consumer media and major technology projects, Burda is one of Germany’s largest media and tech companies. We want to actively shape the changes taking place in the media world. With 10,400 employees around the globe, we drive our products with expertise and entrepreneurial passion.
To tackle the challenges that emerge from the changes in our industry, Burda offers its employees an attractive working environment wholly in line with our “…in good company.” employer pledge. From your very first day, you will see that you are working for a good company and in good company. Collaboration in comprehensive networks is one of the central factors of our success, alongside the keen sense of responsibility demonstrated by each employee.
We are looking for ambitious people who are committed to channelling their creativity. The strong commitment of Burda’s staff is crucial to the company’s success. Burda is active in 21 markets, predominantly Germany, Eastern Europe and Asia.


What we offer
Our employees’ needs are as diverse as our brands and products. We offer performance-based remuneration models depending on role and company. As an employee, you will receive support in building up a pension in the form of direct insurance, benefiting from beneficial terms.
The well-being and health of our employees are most important to us. A good balance between all aspects of life is crucial – work and family, relationships and friends, health and time for oneself. With TAKE CARE, Burda’s health management scheme, we strive to create a healthy working environment for our employees.


Helping to combine family and careers
We set flexible working schemes to support employees with children and those caring for relatives. Our on-site Burda Bande (Munich) and Burda Bambini (Offenburg) childcare centres help parents to combine career and family. External advisory services from the Fürstenberg Institute allow us to support our employees and managers to conquer professional, personal and health-related issues.
In recognition of this commitment, we repeatedly received the “Familie und Beruf” (family and work) certificate from the non-profit Hertie Foundation.


Promoting health
We actively generate awareness for a more healthy lifestyle to help our employees improve their personal health. As a Burda employee, you can enjoy our "FeelGood" meals in Burda’s company canteens in Offenburg and Munich and attend various sports and relaxation courses and other preventive services like vaccinations and skin screenings.
Organization-wide activities and events boost our team-spirit: Our annual “Burda läuft” event (Burda runs) is a major festival where colleagues and their families take to the track, at “Burda wandert” (Burda hikes) we jointly conquer the foothills of the alps, and “Burda kickt” (Burda kicks) brings together the company’s football for challenging matches. 


Working together
A crucial part of our success builds on interdisciplinary collaboration in ambitious projects. We actively interlink our employees  – internally and externally in development-/mentoring programmes or innovation conferences. Our Burda bootcamps and hack days excel through the culture-clash between developers, journalists, business people and designers. Our DLD conferences and festivals provide a meeting place for global digital leaders. In our experience innovation flourishes through interaction and openness towards new ideas.


Employee development
Burda is a learning corporation. Together we strive to leave a footprint and actively contribute to the transformation of our industry. To do this, every employee is encouraged to take ownership and further develop their skills both personally, and professionally.  To identify, understand and create trends and to drive innovations it is essential to have the right toolset and methods at hand. Our corporate training team compiles an extensive range of training options and provides our employees with personalised advice on opportunities for development. 


Social responsibility
Burda takes responsibility – for our employees and also for society and our environment. We are guided by the principle of “sustainable development” – development that meets the needs of the current generation without jeopardising opportunities for future generations. The work of the Hubert Burda Foundation, Tribute to Bambi Foundation and Christian Liebig Foundation is central to the commitment of Hubert Burda Media and Hubert Burda himself. Burda also promotes voluntary work and presents a regular award to volunteering employees.


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