From idea to newsstand

Instyle Sport launched at the beginning of April. There is a lot to do before our readers can hold a new magazine in their hands, and our editorial, marketing and sales teams are working closely together to make it happen.

The future of podcasts

Burda expert Peter Kasza explains how AI is increasingly finding its way into the world of podcasting and what this means for us as consumers and podcasters

How we get the best out of AI

Alina Bähr, editor-in-chief of, talks about how AI can be used in people journalism and how it is creating new job profiles.

No time for mental blocks

Martin is editor-in-chief of Lifestyle Asia in Kuala Lumpur. He explains why, as a creative person, he has no time for mental blocks and how he recharges his batteries.

We can make a bigger difference than we think

Michelle Whitehead is Sustainability Lead at Immediate Media and explains why solving the climate crisis is also a communications challenge task and how we can take action ourselves.