Synonymous with fashion in 100 countries and 17 languages

Burda Style is the creative magazine for all those who see fashion as more than just off-the-peg clothes. In Burda Style, fashion is an expression of individuality, personality and style. The first print edition appeared in 1950. Since then, the Burda Style brand has become famous around the world and is now available in 17 languages.

Burda Style has become synonymous with sewing, patterns and DIY skills. In addition to sewing expertise and high-quality patterns, the magazine provides inspiration for styling, fabrics and materials. Advice on workmanship, sewing techniques and creativity round off the magazine’s concept – a mix of topics that has now garnered a widespread and active community of DIY fans.

Since 2001, has served creative sewing fans in the digital world. Over 700 unique patterns (plus instructions) can be ordered and downloaded each season. also provides users with knowledgeable sewing tips, tricks and assistance.

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Content Director

Rashana Rebecca Jennings has been working at Burda Style since 2009 and used to run the creative department. In her new role as Content Director, she is responsible for print and digital editorial content. 

Creative Director

Anastasios Voulgaris has been editing and designing in the Burda Style fashion department since 2002 and deputy department manager since 2012. Now, as Creative Director, he is in charge of the entire Burda Style pattern collection – in the magazine, all special issues and unique and catalogue patterns.

Division Burda Create!
Managing directors Olaf Holzhäuser
Publishing Director Franziska von Alvensleben
Content Director Rashana Rebecca Jennings  
Creative Director Anastasios Voulgaris
Reach 0.76 million readers (ma 2021/II)
Headquarters Munich

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