Cliqz GmbH was founded in 2008 by Jean-Paul Schmetz with the vision of an open internet where people have control over their data and are not spied on and manipulated for economic interests. Since May 2013, the company has been a majority holding of Hubert Burda Media.

The Cliqz subsidiary Ghostery, headed by Jeremy Tillman, bundles Cliqz's anti-tracking expertise. Ghostery tracks down thousands of tracking scripts making them harmless. Cliqz acquired the world's leading anti-tracking provider with around 8 million users in February 2017 and has been driving various product innovations, including the combination of existing anti-tracking technology with new methods based on artificial intelligence, since then.

In addition, a team of experts deals with technical issues such as artificial intelligence, search, and the influence of technology on media.

Managing director

Jean-Paul Schmetz has worked for Hubert Burda Media for a long time in roles such as Chief Technology Officer of Burda and CEO of Burda Digital. As Chief Scientist at Hubert Burda Media, he drives digital transformation forward. He is convinced that merging data, searches and browsers can reconfigure the internet in the interests of users.