The specialist for short breaks at home

Daydreams, a BurdaDirect brand, offers delightful short breaks with regional cuisine for people looking to relax while enjoying great deals. The concept is simple: our customers can use their hotel voucher or “DreamCard” to stay in Daydreams partner hotels free of charge, simply paying for their breakfast and evening meals.

Based in Kleve, the company works with 2,000 partner hotels throughout Europe to offer short breaks. Daydreams employs collaborative and cross-media marketing and is constantly expanding its product portfolio. Hotel vouchers enable Daydreams partners to use the highly emotional topic of short holidays as an incentive to acquire new customers and secure the long-term loyalty of existing customers.

Links: Daydreams website

Managing director

Ralf Schnetz has been with Burda since 1998 and was Director of Finance & Controlling for the BurdaDirect Group. He became managing director of Neue Verlagsgesellschaft mbH in 2011. Since November 2013, he has also been the spokesperson for the management board of short-break agent Freizeit und Trendmarketing GmbH in Kleve.

Division BurdaDirect
Company FTM Freizeit- und Trendmarketing GmbH & Co. KG
Managing director Ralf Schnetz
Headquarters Kleve
Founded 1994
Hotels Around 2,000 partner hotels throughout Europe
Director of marketing  / PR Heinz Urbanski