Full-service subscription partner

Dialogplus is a BurdaDirect division that acts as a full-service partner and helps providers of classic and digital subscription services to acquire new customers, boost value for existing customers and provide efficient customer support. This is achieved by interweaving and integrating all areas of customer management. Dialogplus covers all aspects of dialogue marketing, from e-shop solutions, customer care and logistics through to payments and collections.

Dialogplus generates several hundred thousand new customers for its clients each year and shares the risk by employing performance-based remuneration models. Subscribers to over 100 magazine titles receive 360o customer support.

Links: Dialogplus website

Managing director

Ralf Schnetz has been with Burda since 1998 and was Director of Finance & Controlling for the BurdaDirect Group. He became managing director of Neue Verlagsgesellschaft mbH in 2011. Since November 2013, he has also been the spokesperson for the management board of short-break agent Freizeit und Trendmarketing GmbH in Kleve.

Division BurdaDirect
Managing directors Ralf Schnetz (spokesperson)
Manager Thomas Mäling
Headquarters Offenburg
Subscription shops Over 60 shops
Customer Care Supporting subscribers to over 100 titles
Contact dialogplus@burda.com