A gala to combat colorectal cancer

Since 2003, the Felix Burda Award has honoured outstanding commitment to preventing colorectal cancer. Individuals, companies and organisations that have dedicated themselves to preventing colorectal cancer or have conducted information and research projects in Germany can put themselves forward for this annual award.

An independent jury of experts selects the winners, who are then announced at a gala that is one of the highlights of Colon Cancer Month (March). “Since its launch, the Felix Burda Award has become not just a highly regarded healthcare award, but also a significant media event”, explains Christa Maar, CEO at the Felix Burda Foundation. Through reports in print, TV, radio and online media, this award ceremony generates a reach of around 2.6 billion contacts, raising awareness of colorectal cancer prevention.

The award has three categories and has previously been presented to celebrities such as Wladimir Klitschko, Günther Jauch, Verona Pooth and Harald Schmidt and companies like Allianz, BASF, AUDI, BMW and E.ON Ruhrgas.

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Division Felix Burda Foundation
Founded 2003
Contact annette.brauch@felix-burda-stiftung.de

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