Each issue of Focus-Gesundheit provides clear, well-founded information and advice on one specific field of indication. The magazine helps health-conscious people to understand the fascinating world of medicine a little bit more and continues the tradition of high health literacy established by the Focus news magazine.

Each issue focuses on a particular topic. From the back to the heart to the soul, science journalists report on preventive measures and patient outcomes, experts explain new treatment methods, and researchers talk about the high-tech therapies of tomorrow. The magazine is published 10 times a year with a print run of at least 85,000 copies.

Each issue also includes issue-specific lists of the top physicians and clinics. These and all other medical practitioners can be found using the Focus-Gesundheit Arztsuche (“Doctor Search”) platform, which is available online and on mobile devices.

In addition to the print title, there are e-paper editions and a dedicated “Focus-Arztsuche” online channel.


Jochen Niehaus is a licensed doctor, journalist and author. He has been in charge of health-related topics at Focus for 10 years, and has been managing the editorial department at Focus-Gesundheit and editor-in-chief of Focus-Diabetes since 2011.

Division BurdaVerlag Data Publishing
Managing director Burkhard Graßmann
Editor-in-chief Jochen Niehaus
Frequency 10 x year
Price €9.90
Published since 2011
Print run At least 85,000 copies
Senior brand manager Melanie Seitz

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