Focus Online Earth

A journalistic climate brand that tackles the essential questions of the climate crisis: How can we preserve the foundations of life on Earth for future generations? What are the solutions and ways to combat climate change that safeguard social, environmental and economic prosperity? In addition to its own expertise and reports, FOCUS Online Earth draws on the power of a climate network of more than 80 renowned experts who regularly share their knowledge with us and FOCUS online users. These include climate researchers such as Mojib Latif, medical expert Alexander S. Kekulé, economist Maja Göpel and meteorologist Sven Plöger.

Managing director

Dr Tanja zu Waldeck has been Spokesperson of the Management Board of BurdaForward GmbH since October 2023. Previously, she was Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the company's management and headed BurdaForward Advertising GmbH, BurdaForward's digital marketer, as Managing Director for several years. Tanja zu Waldeck started her career at McKinsey, where she worked as a consultant for 6 years. When zu Waldeck was expecting her first daughter in 2007, she founded the online portal NetMoms - under the guiding idea of building a Facebook for mothers - and made it one of the largest parenting websites in Germany. At the end of 2012, Tanja zu Waldeck sold the website to TOMORROW FOCUS AG, which later became BurdaForward GmbH.

Division BurdaForward
Managing directos Dr. Tanja zu Waldeck (Chair), Philipp Brunner, Thomas Koelzer, Martin Lütgenau, Daniel Steil