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Focus Online, a BurdaForward brand, is Germany’s number 1 news portal. reaches almost 24 million people every month (AGOF digital facts 2019-04) with a new form of digital journalism and focuses on the needs of its users. Focus Online offers the latest content and solutions in all areas with a great need for information – for example telecommunications, finance, politics, sport, health, automotive, culture and travel. Available any time, any place, it is the service for the mobile and social age. Florian Festl is the editor-in-chief of Focus Online.

The portal was founded in 1996 and is produced by FOCUS Online Group GmbH, which is part of BurdaForward. Daniel Steil, Jürgen Schlott and Andreas Laube are managing directors of FOCUS Online Group GmbH.

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Florian Festl, editor-in-chief Focus Online

Florian Festl, editor-in-chief Focus Online

Division BurdaForward
Managing directors Thomas Koelzer, Jürgen Schlott
Editor-in-chief Florian Festl
Reach 24,20 million unique users (AGOF digital daily facts 2019-04)
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90 Seconds @ Data Science

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Time to attack

Once a year, the mobile communications industry meets in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress.  Stefan Winners held a keynote speech at the 4YFN start-up branch this year.

Self-publishing at BurdaForward

Customers and agencies with content experience can now independently publish branded content campaigns on BurdaForward portals

New ad-model

Tidy pages, less advertising: As part of the company’s “Goodvertising” strategy, BurdaForward has also redesigned the flagship Focus Online.


Florian Festl, editor-in-chief Focus Online