In touch with the lives of modern women

Freundin reflects the things that make life better and easier: great fashion, beauty, care, good food and a relaxing, comfortable home. Freundin inspires, supports and entertains 1.6 million readers every fortnight, never forgetting that women are not and do not want to be perfect – what they want is to enjoy their lives. With a high publication frequency, fascinating and up-to-date topics and plenty of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, Freundin is an inexhaustible, high-value source of inspiration.

Both Freundin and its readers are young, fresh, confident, stylish, unmistakeably emotional and optimistic. Events such as the Perfect Piece Award and a variety of merchandising products and special issues such as Freundin Detox and Freundin Wellfit make this tangible to the reader. Since the start of 2016, Freundin has borne a new claim: “Glücklicher leben” (Live Happier).

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Division BurdaStyle
Managing director Manuela Kampp-Wirtz
Editor-in-chief Mateja Mögel & Anke Helle
Headquarters Munich
Frequency Fortnightly
Price €3.00
Reach 1.62 million readers (ma 2020/I)
Circulation 200,333 (IVW II/2020)
Senior brand manager Andrea Reindl
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