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Freundin reflects the things that make life better and easier: great fashion, beauty, care, good food and a relaxing, comfortable home. Freundin inspires, supports and entertains 1.6 million readers every fortnight, never forgetting that women are not and do not want to be perfect – what they want is to enjoy their lives. With a high publication frequency, fascinating and up-to-date topics and plenty of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, Freundin is an inexhaustible, high-value source of inspiration.

Both Freundin and its readers are young, fresh, confident, stylish, unmistakeably emotional and optimistic. Events such as the Perfect Piece Award and a variety of merchandising products and special issues such as Freundin Detox and Freundin Wellfit make this tangible to the reader. Since the start of 2016, Freundin has borne a new claim: “Glücklicher leben” (Live Happier).

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Division BurdaStyle
Managing director Manuela Kampp-Wirtz
Editor-in-chief Mateja Mögel & Anke Helle
Headquarters Munich
Frequency Fortnightly
Price €3.00
Reach 1.6 million readers (ma 2019/II)
Circulation 214,722 (IVW II/2019)
Senior brand manager Andrea Reindl
Freundin news
John Frieda lifts the secret with BCN

More than a hair color: What distinguishes blonde women, what secrets they have and how brand communication can address this – this is what John Frieda shows with BCN, using the central theme “Blonde Secret”.

Print without print

The new invisible print ad special by BCN and the Creative Services team at Adtech Factory shows how advertising can successfully communicate the core of a product in classic formats.

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