Leading job platform for IT

Launched in 2015 by Kaya Taner and Emma Tracey, Honeypot is home to almost 100,000 IT specialists, with 1,000 new registrations every week, and over 1,500 corporate clients. Germany’s largest tech-focussed job platform turns the conventional recruiting process on its head by enabling companies to apply to IT specialists. Honeypot focuses on the needs of IT specialists by offering them CV advice and showing them typical salaries in their industry. Companies looking to apply to IT specialists on Honeypot are required to provide details such as salary, location, programming languages and technology in use. Honeypot is more than just a job board as the founders‘ vision is to create the world’s largest work-life community for IT specialists. In April 2019, NEW WORK SE has acquired Honeypot.

Link: Company website

Division NEW WORK SE
Managing directors Kaya Taner, Emma Tracey
Founded 2015
Headquarters Berlin
Contact hello@honeypot.io