"Basic cooking" for high standards

Lisa Kochen & Backen offers “basic cooking” for anyone who wants to prepare something quick that will be fun to make and eat. This makes it ideal for people with limited time who still want a healthy diet. A finely tuned, practical layout boosts its value by enabling readers to find all topics at a glance. In addition to everyday cooking with quick, inexpensive dishes, the monthly magazine also features recipes and suggestions for special occasions such as dinner parties and celebrations.


Maria Sandoval edited Freizeit Revue, was a member of the developmental editorial team at Super Illu, and then worked as an editor, department manager, chief reporter and deputy editor-in-chief at “Bild der Frau” in Hamburg. She has been editor-in-chief of Lisa since 2003. She has also been responsible for the mindstyle magazine Ma vie since early 2016 and, since August 2016, for the weekly women’s magazine Frau im Trend.

Division BurdaVerlag
Chief Publishing Officer Kay Labinsky
Editor-in-chief Maria Sandoval
Headquarters Munich
Frequency Monthly
Price €1.99
Media Data bcn.burda
Brand Director Heike Lauber