Ma Vie - Gesund leben

Ma vie - Gesund leben is the magazine for complete health awareness and guarantees excellent medical journalism by the health experts of the BurdaLife Health Agency. Ma vie - Gesund leben is aimed at women who want to remain actively healthy and looks at body, mind and soul from a holistic perspective. The magazine supplies a new, integrative point of view, which connects the best from school medicine, naturopathy and behavior therapy, is scientifically founded, but nevertheless generally understandable. The magazine is coach and councellor at the same time: It motivates to more attentiveness and self-management in the health range, without patronizing the readers.

Editor-in-chief My Life
Division BurdaLife
Managing director Kay Labinsky
Editor-in-chief Silvia von Maydell (Head of Health, v.i.S.d.P.)
Headquarters Offenburg
Frequency 2 x year
Price €4.95
Published since 2016
Circulation 100,000
Managing director Heike Lauber
Editor-in-chief My Life