Mehr für die Frau

The new magazine for all women aged 40 and older who are looking for a wider range of offerings and entertainment. Mehr für die Frau offers its readers an abundance of recipes and dieting advice, as well as the latest fashion and beauty news, including enlightening columns on topics such as medicine, law and home, with its large format and 92 pages packed with lots of information. Relevant reports and travel segments put the finishing touches on the magazine’s concept.

As an added bonus, each issue will also come with a high-quality sticker sheet. 


Maria Sandoval edited Freizeit Revue, was a member of the developmental editorial team at Super Illu, and then worked as an editor, department manager, chief reporter and deputy editor-in-chief at “Bild der Frau” in Hamburg. She has been editor-in-chief of Lisa since 2003. She has also been responsible for the mindstyle magazine Ma vie since early 2016 and, since August 2016, for the weekly women’s magazine Frau im Trend.

Division Burda Verlag
Chief Publishing Officer Kay Labinsky
Editor-in-chief Maria Sandoval
Headquarters Offenburg
Publishing Frequency 6 times a year
Price €1.49
Media Data BCN
Brand Director Heike Lauber