is Germany's largest social network for neighbours, with 2,5 million users in 10,000 active neighbourhoods. Berlin-based social enterprise Good Hood GmbH operates and aims to transform neighbourhoods into places worth living in and counteracting the increasing anonymity in society: sharing, exchanging, helping, donating, lending and meeting are only a few of the users’ possibilities. Not only neighbours can enter the network: local businesses, social organisations, as well as cities and communities can join.

Burda's international growth capital arm BurdaPrincipal Investments invested in just six months after its founding in July 2016. Hubert Burda Media has become the majority shareholder in the social network in August 2020.

Managing director

Till Behnke, managing director

Managing director

Ina Remmers, managing director

Managing Director
Division BurdaNext
Managing directors Till Behnke, Ina Remmers, Philipp Witzmann
Foundation 2015
Users 1.7 million