Precise weather forecasts for Germany and the world

The Weather Channel is the world’s leading weather platform. It has more than 200 meteorologists, owns over 70 patents and uses more than 75,000 data sources. This combination creates the most reliable weather forecast available worldwide. The Weather Channel is the only service to offer real-time forecasts for the user’s exact location.

The Weather Channel provides up-to-date forecasts every 15 minutes for more than 2 billion forecast points, offering a separate forecast every 500 metres. Combined with the latest forecasting technologies (using key weather models), this offers unparalleled weather accuracy for Germany and the world as a whole.

The German version of The Weather Channel has close editorial links with Focus Online. The portal is run by FOCUS Online Group GmbH, which is part of BurdaForward. The managing directors of FOCUS Online Group GmbH are Daniel Steil, Jürgen Schlott and Andreas Laube.

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