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As a development team, our job is to provide our colleagues with reliable infrastructure to ensure that the content of our platform is prepared well and presented to our users in an appealing format. Because we work in a crucial and dynamic field that is looking to the future, we want to maintain flexibility and optimise the way we respond to change. No two days are the same here, and we have lots of creative freedom on the technical side. We can take the initiative to make things happen and it’s great to see how well our developments are received.

Technology and teamwork

We use AWS, an experienced cloud provider which, with the aid of Docker and Continuous Integration, enables us to deploy our application in a matter of minutes, scale it, and transfer it if necessary. Laravel applications are the core of the platform, aggregating data from various places, transforming and saving it, and making it available for display. VueJS allows us to use a variety of reactive applications within the website.
We use agile Scrum methods to help our growing DEV team collaborate and work effectively. These methods enable us to work on our software and processes transparently and constructively and to make continual improvements.

Open-space office and team days

Our team is international, diverse and dynamic, and currently has around 30 members. Everyone is equal here, whether you’re a working student or a senior developer, and we all know that we can learn a great deal from one another. And we are given the space to do so. We can pursue personal development, play an active role, take on a range of tasks in all areas and choose individual specialisations. The right kind of team culture is also important to me. We prioritise openness, a willingness to learn, collaboration and initiative. As a member of our team, you will also enjoy great flexibility. Most of our work is mobile, as we are spread across various locations. When we’re on site, we sit in a modern open-space office, have lunch together on team days and meet up for a chat during coffee breaks.

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Robin Habereder
Talent Community Manager IT

Burda is vibrant and Burda is diverse. Every day, I provide our various profit centres with tailored advice on IT recruiting. What processes do we need and who will be the right fit? What job title should we use and what qualities should the perfect candidate have? These are the questions I try to answer in our Munich office or working from home after a coffee on my balcony. And then I start searching for candidates. In the evening I play guitar or do some programming of my own.

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