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Our tools: from battle-proven to in-house development

We developed and use our own, standardised tracking system, which combines traffic, click-out and revenue data, to measure the success of our products. As there were no suitable systems on the market, it was necessary to do so. Contrary to solutions available on the market, our development can write into our web analysis systems on the server side. We are using the first version of the tool but are constantly developing it further. We rely on open source technologies and adapt them to our needs. “Boring” but battle-proven systems, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, ensure that we always work efficiently and with high availability. By customising and integrating existing solutions, we can make a big impact - even as a small team.


Our team: international, connected and open  

We are an international team, with members from Bulgaria, India, Russia, and Germany, and have chosen English as our team language. We use Scrum as our development methodology. In doing so we place a lot of emphasis on methods, such as pair programming, pull requests and joint grooming of tickets. Scrum helps us to develop our products sustainably. In addition to our daily stand-ups, we hold a Retro every other week, in which we reflect on our teamwork. In addition to these fixed appointments, we regularly host team workshops. We also drink coffee together virtually and exchange ideas in our team chat, not only on professional matters. The best ideas emerge from talking over coffee, in the corridor or at team events.


How I work

As a PO, I am primarily an interface and a translator. Together with other teams and specialist departments, I translate business requirements into tickets, which my team then translates into technology. This is how we build our products together. It has always been important to me to get to the bottom of problems and think in solutions. BurdaForward allows me to do just this. I can put my technical expertise and my strengths – breaking down a big problem into smaller steps – to good use. I believe it is important to work with a wide range of people; in my experience, we progress more quickly when different perspectives and approaches come together. It has been working for me in my role as a PO.


Join the team

We are looking for colleagues (m/f/x) to join us on our journey. People for whom sustainable code is important. Who can turn a POC into a product and understand that being successful doesn’t mean doing everything yourself. We have a well-structured process that helps employees to grow. It has certainly helped me to develop into my role and ensures that I always receive the right feedback at the right time.

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