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But enough with the metaphors. We drive publishing. We create digital channels that allow the top-class editors at Focus Gesundheit (i.e. “Health”) to reach millions of readers. We design data warehouses to aggregate more knowledge and facts about Germany’s top clinics, corporations, lawyers, and medical experts, such as health insurers and professional bodies. We build REST APIs that transport our data wherever and whenever it is needed. BurdaNews’ data scientists and research analysts need reliable technology. Our machinery has more going on inside it than just AWS RDS and Elasticsearch. Commits create entire infrastructure landscapes via Terraform and CI. A Revert sends fortresses of stability crashing down like a house of cards. The docker container, which simplifies local activities, forms the core of the architecture on Fargate. Vue is our composer, bringing our frontends to life with an elegant dynamism. Symfony and Flask are the foundations on which we build.

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(Senior) Product Owner - Publishing Platform at BurdaForward (m/f/x)
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