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Agile collaboration for the ideal workflow

At Jameda, we believe that regular exchange (both in face-to-face meetings and video/phone calls) is the perfect way to achieve our goals together. In our product department, which works with agile methods, we use tried-and-tested meeting formats such as “Dailies”, “Planning” and “Retro”. Rather than sticking to what we know, however, we are constantly striving for the ideal workflow for our team. This means that while one team uses the Scrum method to move closer to a project goal feature by feature, another team uses Kanban so that it can respond dynamically to customer queries at all times. We keep trying out new methods, meeting formats and ways of working, evaluating them together and using what we have learned to make progress! Our Scrum Masters support us in this process and ensure open interaction infused with mutual respect.


Online video consultations – from vision of the future to standard practice

All our teams tackle one major issue – the digitalisation of healthcare. The coronavirus crisis has emphasised just how important this is and contributed massively to its evolution. Jameda has been working on this topic for a long time. For example, 4 years ago we acquired an online video consultation provider and integrated the entire product into our company. Online consultation may have been a far-off vision at the time, but it has now become standard practice. This confirms that we are on the right track. Jameda is constantly evolving and offering more and more opportunities for doctor-patient networking.

In good


Passion and hands-on mentality

Jameda is always looking for people with fresh ideas to drive these sorts of topics and projects, developers who are itching to get things done. We want people who have the courage to contribute their ideas and work with their colleagues to make them reality. We need people who are passionate about our vision – to ensure that everyone receives optimal medical care – and want to spend their days bringing it closer to reality.

Naturally, it would also be helpful for applicants to have experience in web development. We work mainly with PHP Symfony and Node.js in the backend, React works very well in our frontend, and our platform is constantly evolving in a Kubernetes cluster. We use Bitbucket and Bitbucket Pipelines to bring our products to the public.

Our products are how we achieve our goal: to help people get healthy and stay healthy. We firmly believe that successful doctor-patient relationships are the key. At Jameda, we see ourselves as the digital driver of these relationships. Want to help digitalise healthcare? Then Jameda is the place for you!

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