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State-of-the-art video technology

Our team’s activities span many domains to provide the best video solutions for various BurdaForward brands. Our main goal is to unify everyone into one VMS. First, we analyse each brand’s needs and requirements. Then we translate these needs into the technical requirements that will provide the best integration solution, regardless of the technology used by the brand. Together with our partner, Xymatic, we integrate them into various systems with different technical stacks, minimising the work required.


Our team: video experts

The Video Team has a unique setup. We mainly act as a video technology proxy for other teams at BurdaForward. We have experts from various fields to help us provide the best possible service for video technology integration, ads and video production. The Video Team also advises other teams on ways to improve their monetization (and thus their revenue). We also use our editorial video expertise to help other teams with their video content.

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