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Important information for applicants

Application requirements

Application requirements

  • To join the Burda Journalism School, you must pass the acceptance test. The following qualifications are recommendations and will increase your chances of a trainee contract:
  • Completed academic studies or vocational training
  • Internship with a Burda editorial team
  • Internship with a local daily newspaper or online publication
  • Knowledge of online and digital journalism
Acceptance test

Acceptance test

The acceptance test takes place on a weekend in May and consists of a knowledge test, writing exercise, creative test and an interview. Your performance will determine whether you are offered a place at the BJS.

Schedule and start of training

Schedule and start of training

  • Early May: acceptance test
  • End of May: candidates selected and trainee contracts sent
  • Between June and October: training starts


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Frequently asked questions on the Burda journalism school:

1. Are there any prerequisites for a traineeship?
The prerequisite for being accepted at Burda School of Journalism is passing the entrance test. The following qualifications are recommendations, increasing your chance to get a training contract:

  • Completed degree or completed vocational training
  • Internship at one of Burda’s editorial offices
  • Internship at a local daily newspaper or an online editorial office
  • Knowledge about online and digital journalism

2. Do I have to apply directly to a specific editorial office?
Yes, please apply directly to a particular editorial office at a specific location where you’d like to complete the traineeship. The editorial team will put all suitable candidates down for the entrance test. This registration is usually based on a successfully completed internship and sometimes on a successful interview.

For a list of possible editorial offices, where you can do an internship in order to complete a traineeship later on, see: http://www.burda-journalistenschule.de/volontariat

3. When should I apply for a traineeship at Burda School of Journalism?
We recommend an early application, about a year before the start of the traineeship. This will allow enough time for the editorial teams to plan and for you to complete the internship. If you complete the internship successfully, the chief editor will put you down for the entrance test and you’ll receive a message concerning the next steps.

4. When do I find out whether I’ve been accepted at Burda School of Journalism? 
The selection test takes place annually in May. About two weeks later you will find out whether you have passed the test and will be offered a place at the Burda School of Journalism. Once you have been accepted, you can start flexibly in a period between June and October. The traineeship lasts two years from the date of admission.

5. Are there any other opportunities to complete a traineeship at Hubert Burda Media apart from Burda School of Journalism?
Yes, you can complete a traineeship at Chip.de, Focus Online or Blue Ocean Entertainment AG, for instance. These traineeships do not take place at Burda School of Journalism and their beginning varies depending on the editorial office. As soon as a traineeship is advertised, you can find it in our job offers. Our colleagues at the Recruiting Center are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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