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Final thesis

Final thesis with practical applications

Want to write your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis at Burda on a fascinating practical topic that will also benefit our company? Then we look forward to receiving a speculative application explaining your proposed topic and thesis period. Our recruiting team will then determine whether your thesis is the right fit for Burda and which department would be most suitable. Students usually write their thesis while completing an internship in the relevant department. This allows you to immerse yourself in your topic while receiving support from experienced team members.

Internships / compulsory internships

Start your network early

We are always looking for dedicated interns who wish to learn about one of our many sectors, either of their own accord or as part of a compulsory internship.

We have plenty of opportunities, ranging from our editorial and development teams to purchasing and corporate communication. We would love you to be one of the 600 or so interns that we support throughout Germany each year. Spend three to six months getting to know Burda and show what you can do before you’ve even finished your studies. Our internships are paid, but the duration and conditions may vary depending on the department.

Visit our jobs page for more details of current internships.

Working student

Work and study

Get a head start on applying your theoretical knowledge to practical situations with our varied and exciting roles for working students. We are looking for people to provide us with regular support and help us drive digital trends and innovations. To become a working student, you must currently be enrolled at a higher education institution. You can arrange your weekly hours with your supervisors and increase your workload during semester holidays.

All current working student positions are listed on our jobs page.

Deep insights,

steep learning curve

Frequently asked questions on university and school internships and final theses:

1. How long does an internship generally last at Hubert Burda Media and is there a mandatory minimum duration?
The duration of the internship can vary depending on the division. Most positions are mandatory internships, lasting at least three months and at most six months. Alternatively, you can complete a voluntary internship of three months at most. For more information on the duration and the internship type see the job offers on our homepage.

2. Is a certificate of enrollment a prerequisite for an internship?
If you’re an enrolled student completing an internship with us, we will always need a certificate of enrollment.

3. Can I send you an unsolicited application for an internship at Hubert Burda Media?
If you haven’t found a suitable position in our vacant internship offers, you can send us an unsolicited application. Please mention your desired area, a possible time frame and the location.

4. Does Hubert Burda Media offer internships abroad?
If you would like to complete an internship at one of our international locations, please apply directly to the desired office abroad. On rare occasions, we also include international internships in our current job offers.

5. Does Burda assign topics for final theses and how can I apply for a final thesis at Hubert Burda Media?
If you’d like to write a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis with a practical focus, we’re looking forward to your topic proposals for specific corporate divisions. You can find job offers including final theses on pre-defined topics on our homepage in our current job offers. Ideally you should combine your final thesis with an internship at Hubert Burda Media. 

6. Can I complete a school student’s internship at Hubert Burda Media?
The places for school students’ internships are very limited. Please do not send us an unsolicited application, but apply only for the vacancies advertised in our job offers.

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