Leader in the crafting segment

To be creative, to design, to produce something with one's own hands - what today is summarised under the term "crafting" is a global consumer trend and a particularly relevant field for the entire Burda company – owing to the great founding figure of Aenne Burda. With the creation of the new unit BurdaCreative, Burda aims to further grow and attract additional consumers in this segment.

BurdaCreative expands the market leadership across all media and platforms in Europe. The following units will work together closely under the new roof and develop the business further: Verlag Aenne Burda with the core brand Burda Style, whose products are available in 17 languages, the publisher Editions Dipa in Strasbourg, who is publishing several crafting brands in seven European markets, the unit BurdaNordic, with its specific expertise in the field of knitting publications as well as Toppatterns, who distributes sewing patterns from its location in Sweden.

In total, BurdaCreative offers hundreds of consumer-oriented crafting services. This includes high-quality magazines as well as printed and digital patterns and digital platforms for their sale.

BurdaCreative is led by Henning Röper, who is at the same time managing director of the publishing house Aenne Burda.

Links: Burda StyleBurda Style (France)Fait MainAlt om HåndarbejdeToppatterns

CEO BurdaCreative
Company BurdaCreative
Verlag Aenne Burda GmbH & Co. KG
Editions DIPA Burda SAS
Burda Nordics A/S
Toppatterns Nordic AB
Sites Munich, Offenburg, Strasbourg, Lindigö (Sweden), Kolding (Denmark)
Brands Burda StyleBurda EasyBurda plusBurda KidsBurda BabyBurda Creativ StrickBurda CréatifFait MainAlt om HåndarbejdeToppatterns
Employees approx. 80
Portfolio Magazines, printed and digital patterns and digital platforms around the topics crafting and do-it-yourself
Contact burdastyle@burda.com
CEO BurdaCreative