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BurdaForward is one of Germany’s leading digital publishers and a pioneer in native advertising. Leading brands bundled within BurdaForward include Focus Online, HuffPost Germany and Chip as well as digital marketer ForwardAdGroup. The digital publisher reaches almost 34 million people in Germany (AGOF digital-facts 2015-11).


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Time to attack

Once a year, the mobile communications industry meets in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress.  Stefan Winners held a keynote speech at the 4YFN start-up branch this year.

How the weather affects what we buy

The weather affects consumers’ emotions and their behaviour, and it therefore has an impact on business.

“Goodvertising” against Ad Fraud

Apart from low viewability, ad fraud is one of the problems the digital advertising industry is cosely concerned with at the moment.

Self-publishing at BurdaForward

Customers and agencies with content experience can now independently publish branded content campaigns on BurdaForward portals

People, stories, digital trends

On the second day of Dmexco Burda employees discussed topics concerning digital marketing and advertising.