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Portals for 46 million people

BurdaForward is one of Germany’s leading digital publishers and a pioneer in native advertising. Leading brands bundled within BurdaForward include Focus Online, HuffPostGermany and Chip as well as digital marketer ForwardAdGroup. The digital publisher reaches almost 34 million people in Germany (AGOF digital-facts 2015-11).


All BurdaForward brands
BurdaForward news
Self-publishing at BurdaForward

Customers and agencies with content experience can now independently publish branded content campaigns on BurdaForward portals

People, stories, digital trends

On the second day of Dmexco Burda employees discussed topics concerning digital marketing and advertising.

Juggling with data

In an interview, Christian Essling, Director Analytics in the Focus Online lab, explains why even perceived “mathematical late bloomers” can enjoy this discipline and how to bring order to numerical chaos.

A powerful woman in the digital world

At Startup Grind, a global event and networking series in which successful founders talk about their journey, Tanja zu Waldeck, COO of BurdaForwardand founder of Netmoms, shared her personal experiences.

New ad-model

Tidy pages, less advertising: As part of the company’s “Goodvertising” strategy, BurdaForward has also redesigned the flagship Focus Online.