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BurdaForward strives for journalistic innovation with leading publishing brands and the latest technology. With Focus Online, Chip, TV Spielfilm, Bunte.de, Finanzen100, NetMoms, The Weather Channel, EFahrer.com, Fit for fun, Cinema.de and StreamPicker, the company reaches more than 41 million people per month - that's almost 70 per cent of all internet users in Germany.


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Management change at BurdaForward

Tanja zu Waldeck joins TX Group in Switzerland as COO. Lydia Rullkötter and Daniel Steil appointed Co-CEOs of the digital publisher.

"Failure is part of the game"

Tanja zu Waldeck joined Burda as the founder of the parenting platform Netmoms. Today, she is CEO of BurdaForward. What helps her succeed as an entrepreneur?

Helping Hands @Burda: Philine Lietzmann

Many Burda employees are involved in voluntary or social work, taking on responsibility and helping other people in their spare time. We would like to present this heartfelt commitment here to inspire other employees.

Oliver Eckert leaves Hubert Burda Media

Oliver Eckert, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of digital publisher BurdaForward and Managing Director at BurdaVerlag, has decided to close the Burda chapter after almost 15 years and take on new challenges.

"We want to get the best out of AI as a team"

 Alina Bähr, editor-in-chief of Bunte.de, shares her personal experiences with artificial intelligence - which range from scepticism to enthusiasm. 

Behind the Scenes @Focus Online

In einer Redaktion arbeiten viele verschiedene Menschen. Unter anderem der oder die Chefin vom Dienst. Aber was macht solch ein CvD genau? Das schauen wir uns im aktuellen Behind the Scenes bei Focus Online genauer an.

Talking to international trainees

Lunch with the CEO: Last week, Martin Weiss exchanged ideas with the next generation of international managers. He personally welcomed the young colleagues of the new Burda MORE International Trainee Programme.

Donating to food banks

Focus Online and Chip launched a fundraising campaign as part of the #CoronaCare aid campaign. 25,000 euros were raised for food banks, and the money has now been passed on.

#Lebenslauf2020 running challenge for Germany’s terminally ill children

While donations are slowing down, Oskar’s telephone hotlines never stand still - and neither does Marie Schulte-Bockum (BurdaForward). She initiated the charitable running challenge "Lebenslauf 2020" (Run for Life 2020).

A new face on video calls

Just imagine – you’ve applied for a job, signed the contract and are looking forward to meeting your new colleagues, seeing your new office and getting started. And then comes the coronavirus pandemic.

"I've always had a mind of my own"

Learning from role models who are already successful at their job - as part of our interview series, editor Aline Prigge meets Vida Brychcy, Director Product & Engineering Test and Consumer Consulting at Chip.

Programming in Sign Language

Last weekend, BurdaForward hosted the third Hacker School for children and teenagers in Munich. The event was also the first that included sign language.

Huff Post Germany to be shut down as of March 31st 2019

Today BurdaForward and Huff Post announce plans to cease publication of its German edition on March 31st, 2019.

“Want to join me, Tanja?”

As part of our “Want to join me?” interview series, we accompanied Tanja zu Waldeck, COO BurdaForward, on her way to work.

“Want to join me?”

As part of our “Want to join me?” interview series, we accompany Ulf Heyden, Executive Director New Business at BurdaForward, on his way to work. We start at the airport!

10 Questions for Moritz Wanke

In this interview series, we introduce employees from various areas of the company, so you can get to know us even better. Today, we talked to Moritz Wanke, editor-in-chief at Chip Foto Video in Munich.

90 Seconds @ Data Science

90 seconds @ Burda is a new series that brings you closer to people, brands, departments or projects at Burda. Today, we visit the Data Science Team.

40 years of Chip

The technology and consumer medium Chip celebrated its 40th anniversary last week.

Time to attack

Once a year, the mobile communications industry meets in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress.  Stefan Winners held a keynote speech at the 4YFN start-up branch this year.

How the weather affects what we buy

The weather affects consumers’ emotions and their behaviour, and it therefore has an impact on business.

“Goodvertising” against Ad Fraud

Apart from low viewability, ad fraud is one of the problems the digital advertising industry is cosely concerned with at the moment.

Self-publishing at BurdaForward

Customers and agencies with content experience can now independently publish branded content campaigns on BurdaForward portals

People, stories, digital trends

On the second day of Dmexco Burda employees discussed topics concerning digital marketing and advertising.

Juggling with data

In an interview, Christian Essling, Director Analytics in the Focus Online lab, explains why even perceived “mathematical late bloomers” can enjoy this discipline and how to bring order to numerical chaos.

A powerful woman in the digital world

At Startup Grind, a global event and networking series in which successful founders talk about their journey, Tanja zu Waldeck, COO of BurdaForward and founder of Netmoms, shared her personal experiences.

New ad-model

Tidy pages, less advertising: As part of the company’s “Goodvertising” strategy, BurdaForward has also redesigned the flagship Focus Online.

Well prepared

Martin Lütgenau, director of BurdaForward Advertising, takes a relaxed view of Google’s newest announcements to develop an ad blocker for Chrome.

The core of success

At the event “Creative Company – Innovation as a Success Factor for Media Companies”, the people behind the “Medientage” asked publishers about innovative capabilities and what form best practice processes could take.

Helping with the move to Munich

BurdaForward has set up its first employee apartment. This allows new employees to settle in peacefully, get to know the city and start their job without launching straight into a stressful search for accommodation.

Content isn't the only thing that counts

Do advertisers benefit from publishing their content via media brands (rather than their own platforms) during content marketing campaigns? A new study by BurdaForward looks into it.

Direct access

From now on, BurdaForward will make its digital portfolio available to mediascale’s “Native Campaign Cockpit" (NCC) as a partner to increase media penetration.

Native works

The new “Best of Native Advertising” study by the BurdaForward Advertising research department, which surveyed almost 8,000 people, provides the latest findings on the effect of native campaigns.

„Make content, not commercials“

A crowd of more than 300 top-class specialists from 34 countries took part in the second Native Advertising Days in Berlin, officially sponsored by BurdaForward and C3. International speakers such as Stephanie Losee (VI…

Setting standards

BurdaForward, the digital publishing and marketing house and European content marketing network C3 have begun an extensive collaboration with the Native Advertising Institute (NAI) in Copenhagen.

There’s no such thing as bad weather...

…only bad advertising. And this is what the new targeting technology “WeatherFX” by BurdaForward and The Weather Channel aims to address.

More room for courage

Sebastian Matthes, editor-in-chief of the German Huffington Post, reports on its collaboration with the donation platform betterplace.org, and how he wants to give more space to the courageous in future.