IT service provider for the Burda media company

BurdaSolutions is the internal IT service provider for the international Hubert Burda Media corporation. We help our customers in Hubert Burda Media’s National Media Brands, International Media Brands, Print and Digital Brands divisions to create, market and sell their products.

BurdaSolutions news
Ask the CTO

Gerhard Thomas is CTO at BurdaSolutions. He explains what he believes to be the greatest challenge for the IT sector, why he chose this career and how artificial intelligence is already being used in his field.

Making the world safer with Blockchain

More than 60 computer scientists, software developers, engineers and business economists built different business models around the blockchain technology at the Blackforest Hackathon for a whole weekend.

“I always wanted to shape my own working life”

Start your career by learning from role models. Trainee Sabina Kist meet with Mechthild Taminé from BurdaSolutions to discuss the number of women in her department, creative freedom and more.

Digital masterminds in the “fan-shaped” city

The countdown is on: On July 3 the premiere of DLD Campus, the regional branch of Europe's leading innovation conference DLD (Digital, Life, Design), will take place in Karlsruhe.