The consumer: the focus of communication

Today, creativity is the only way for advertising customers to gain consumers’ attention. On their path to success, brands need fascinating stories in high-quality journalistic environments – and advertising customers will find both at b.famous content studios.

Founded by Burda subsidiaries BCN (Burda Community Network) and C3 Creative Code and Content, it develops individual campaigns for advertising customers exclusively for the journalistic platforms and media offerings of the Hubert Burda Media group.

Link: "We tell stories – by, about and with brands"

Managing director

Burkhard Graßmann was appointed Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in early 2021. As part of this role, he is responsible for Marketing & Innovation at the newly established BurdaVerlag and thus for the (further) development of innovative and reach-based business models and the marketing of over 160 media products. Within BurdaVerlag, he also serves as managing director of BurdaVerlag Data Publishing GmbH and FactField GmbH and is the spokesperson for the management board of TEC The Enabling Company GmbH. He has also been the spokesperson for the management board of BCN Brand Community Network GmbH, Burda’s multi-channel marketer, since 2016, and the spokesperson for the management board of AdTech Factory GmbH, a technical service provider, since 2019. ​

Burkhard Graßmann joined Burda in 2011. Until 2020, he was the managing director of BurdaNews, an integrated media company with brands such as FocusFit for Fun and TV Spielfilm, before moving to the new BurdaVerlag at the end of 2020. 

Before this, he was the spokesperson for the management board of Payback GmbH. After studying business economics and humanities, he began his career at Hamburg-Mannheimer Sachversicherung. He then worked for EXPO Hannover and Deutsche Telekom, where he took on various management and board positions.