Focus-Gesundheit brings the fascinating world of medicine closer to people interested in their health and consistently continues the traditionally high level of health competence of the news magazine Focus. The brand offers high-quality medical journalism on a variety of channels. The 360-degree world includes the renowned print magazine, which enjoys a high level of credibility among readers and doctors alike, the online platform, which was launched in 2023, and digital offerings such as podcasts, newsletters and social media, which are constantly being expanded.

Whether back, heart or soul: Focus-Gesundheit offers advice and guidance on health prevention and disease patterns, and provides information on evidence-based treatments and medical advances. Scientific journalists report on the experiences of patients, experts explain new treatment methods and researchers explain the high-tech therapies and diagnostic developments of tomorrow.

The Focus-Gesundheit recommendation lists, which are carefully researched by Burda's in-house research institute FactField, are a central offering and an important service. They are available as part of the printed editions of the doctors, clinics and rehabilitation lists, as well as in digital and mobile form. Readers and users can find doctors and clinics in Germany and their region who have particular expertise in the treatment of their particular medical concerns, sorted by indication and speciality. There are also digital recommendation lists for selected healthcare professions such as nutritional counselling, speech therapy or physiotherapy.

Division BurdaVerlag Data Publishing GmbH, German Institute for Quality & Finance
Managing director Andrea Key
Editor-in-chief Andrea Hennis
Frequency 4 x year
Price €9.90
Published since 2011
Print run ca.. 85,000 copies
Senior brand manager Melanie Seitz

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