The world in focus

Focus is the modern news magazine. Week after week, the editorial staff reports on the people behind the news from politics, business, science and culture – on their opinions, their actions and their success. Because it is these people who change our world and shape our future.

Focus is Germany’s only news magazine to report directly from Berlin; a worldwide network of correspondents ensures its focus is global. Week after week, the magazine gets to the heart of facts and analyses in the political, business, technology, culture, lifestyle and leisure spheres. The magazine provides background information and opinions on the latest events and highlights specific courses of action. Focus is forward-looking, constructive and critical.

Since it was founded in 1993, Focus has revolutionised the magazine sector: With plenty of infographics and short, pithy texts, the new publication anticipated online narrative forms. Since 2015, it has been published on Saturdays to accommodate the ways in which digitalisation has changed media usage habits.

Focus has more than four million readers and sells around 400,000 copies each week (print/digital). In 1996 it launched its own online portal, Focus Online, which is now run by BurdaForward. Line extensions such as Focus-Money, Focus-Business and Focus-Gesundheit expand the brand portfolio.

Division BurdaVerlag
Managing Director Manuela Kampp-Wirtz
Brand director Andrea Laub
Editor-in-chief Robert Schneider
Headquarters Berlin
Frequency Weekly
Price €4.70
Media data BCN


Das 30 Jahre Focus Cover (c) Focus

Focus Kampagne "Kennt Ihr Blut Ihre Gesundheit?" (c) Focus

Focus Kampagne "Kann unsere Wirtschaft das überleben?" (c) Focus