Magazine with plenty of entertainment and service value

Since 2009 Freizeit Exklusiv has been inspiring readers with its mix of topics from advice and health topics as well as celebrity news and lots of puzzle fun every month anew. Highly entertaining and informative, the magazine also stands out thanks to its spacious layout. It has 84 pages and a regular pull-out food supplement.


Kai Winckler has been working as editor-in-chief of various entertainment publications since 1993. He was editor-in-chief of “Das neue Blatt” from 2002–2007, “Neue Post” from 2008–2010, and “Neue Welt” and “Frau Aktuell” from 2012–2016. In July 2016, he moved to BurdaLife to become editor-in-chief of Freizeit Revue, Freizeit Spass and Freizeit Exklusiv.

Division BurdaVerlag
Managing Director Elisabeth Varn
General Manager Sven Dams
Editor-in-chief Kai Winckler
Headquarters Offenburg
Frequency 1 x per month
Price € 1.10
Media Data bcn.burda