Advisor, inspirer and friend - on all channels

Freundin stands for a contemporary view of women, joie de vivre, a modern work culture and the compatibility of family and career. Freundin is an advisor, inspirer and, of course, a friend, on all channels.

Since September 2019, Anke Helle and Mateja Mögel have held editorial responsibility for Freundin as part of a dual leadership team. Since then, the two women have gradually modernised the tradition-rich brand: from the restructuring of the editorial team to the introduction of cross-departmental and flexible working to the modern appearance of the magazine.

As leadership tandem, the editors-in-chief exemplify how women can better support each other, which is also underlined by Freundin's claim: "For more 'us' in life". Solidarity among women and the need for community are at the forefront of all Freundin topics.

Thematically, fashion & beauty, live & love, health, pleasure and living & travel are central components of Freundin. There is a strong focus on the topic of food as well as on the real-life implementation of current fashion trends. Other important contents are sustainable consumerism, conscious and healthy living, financial security, professional success and, of course, female empowerment. The highlight in many issues is the free supplement "Unsere Besten" (Our Best) or the new cover booklet created in 2023, each of which contains a new thematic focus.

In addition to the magazine and website, Freundin also meets its female consumers on the social media portals Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as well as in the form of licensed products such as furniture and fabrics, fashion and accessories and in the form of events. Recently, now also has its own marketplace where products can be purchased directly.