Germany’s first consumer magazine

Guter Rat was the first and remains one of the best-selling consumer magazines in Germany. It acts as a navigator and independent advisor, helping consumers with their purchase decisions and offering guidance in all matters of private household management: from investments, insurance and products through to health, travel and nutrition.

Guter Rat was founded in Leipzig in 1945, the first magazine after the war. Following German reunification, the magazine primarily served East German consumers with the credo “Erklär‘ mir den Westen” (Explain the West to me), before ultimately developing into a service-oriented business magazine for the whole of Germany.

Since 2001, Guter Rat has presented an annual reader’s award for the “Most Sensible Car” (“Auto der Vernunft”). Readers select cars that demonstrate ecological, economic and safety technology advancements. From the outset, “Most Sensible Car” has tackled a topic that has gone from a niche issue to a central focus.

Editor-in-Chief, Chief Operating Officer

Stefan Kobus has been editor-in-chief of Guter Rat and Super Illu since March 2016. He previously worked as deputy editor-in-chief at Super Illu (from 2004) and in various managerial roles at “Heinrich-Bauer-Verlag”, for example as editor-in-chief, head of a developmental editorial team and chief editor.