Eye to eye with the readers

Lisa has become one of the largest weekly women’s magazines in Germany. Founded in 1994, it is now read by a lot of women every week thanks to its close connection with its target group: It covers authentic topics that are central to its readers’ lives and offers services, high value, many interactive promotions, social media and brands you love. All this places the editorial team in constant contact with their readers and users.

Lisa invites readers to share their opinions on all media channels and platforms, involving them to a high degree. This dialogue and exchange takes place on Lisa, brands you love, Facebook and Instagram.


Maria Sandoval edited Freizeit Revue, was a member of the developmental editorial team at Super Illu, and then worked as an editor, department manager, chief reporter and deputy editor-in-chief at “Bild der Frau” in Hamburg. She has been editor-in-chief of Lisa since 2003. She has also been responsible for the mindstyle magazine Ma vie since early 2016 and, since August 2016, for the weekly women’s magazine Frau im Trend.