Europe’s biggest gardening magazine

With 50 years of high editorial expertise and well-founded knowledge, Mein schöner Garten is the number 1 gardening advice magazine. Reaching around 2.22 million readers every month, it is Europe’s biggest gardening magazine. Mein schöner Garten combines tradition with modernity. Gardening is trendy, as demonstrated by the urban gardening movement, among others. More and more people are spending their free time in the garden – a place where they can draw strength, develop their creativity, switch off, slow down and enjoy life. The number of self-sufficient people and allotment holders also continues to rise. They sow and plant because they prefer products from the region that are seasonal and as untreated as possible. Mein schöner Garten provides advice and inspiration for precisely this audience.

With its own collections of crop and decorative plants and various arrangements, Mein schöner Garten also has a direct presence in garden retailers. Readers can find more gardening tips on www.mein-schö and buy plants and garden accessories from the online shop.