Reliable health advice

Launched in late 1999, is an online source of understandable, reliable and independent health information. Increasing digitalisation in all areas of life is making this service more and more important. Today, more than half of all Germans regularly research health issues on the internet – looking for tips on healthier living, preparing for a doctor’s appointment or (more often) after visiting a medical practice. Even now, serious issues exist within doctor/patient communication: too little time, too little transparency, incomprehensible diagnoses, treatments requiring explanation.

The team behind Germany’s most famous health portal combine medical knowledge, journalism experience and digital expertise with a real passion for innovation. Medical tools like the “Symptom Checker” – based on the latest web technology and an extensive medical database – and the “Lab Value Checker” launched in early 2019 address users as individuals and provide interactive support as they search for relevant medical information. With around 6,500 specialist medical texts, news, image galleries and over 100 health videos, the site provides a wide range of high-quality resources. Since February 2021, the and domains in Austria and Switzerland have also belonged to BurdaVerlag.


Editor-in-Chief, Chief Operating Officer

Jens Richter, Editor-in-Chief and Chief Operating Officer