Celebrity and women’s magazine with added value

Since 1998, Neue Woche has been entertaining and advising its readers every Friday with a fascinating and informative blend of youthful celebrity magazine and modern, service-oriented women’s publication. Neue Woche uses a wide variety of journalism and an appealing design to report on the latest celebrity stories and present exclusive interviews and trends & styles for fashion, beauty, living and food. It also provides valuable information on topics such as medicine, money, legal matters and relationships.


Kai Winckler has been working as editor-in-chief of various entertainment publications since 1993. He was editor-in-chief of “Das neue Blatt” from 2002–2007, “Neue Post” from 2008–2010, and “Neue Welt” and “Frau Aktuell” from 2012–2016. In July 2016, he moved to BurdaLife to become editor-in-chief of Freizeit Revue, Freizeit Spass and Freizeit Exklusiv.

Division BurdaVerlag
Managing Director Elisabeth Varn
General Manager Sven Dams
Editor-in-chief Kai Winckler
Frequency Weekly
Price € 1.49
Media Data bcn.burda