One-stop shop for packaging materials

PaketPlus commissions several thousand e-commerce dispatch companies to distribute millions of PAC ads for an appropriate fee. But that’s not all. We also supply packaging materials to several thousand e-commerce retailers via These range from folding boxes to padded envelopes, adhesive tape and much more. Branded packaging materials are particularly popular, and subsidised by advertisers such as PayPal and Ebay. Interested?

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Managing director

Andreas Bichlmaier has been working for Hubert Burda Media since December 1999. His most recent post was as Head of Technology for Valiton. He has been managing director of PaketPlus, where he is responsible for technology, since early 2017.

Managing director

Rouven Riexinger has been with Burda since 2003. As head of database marketing, he shared responsibility for setting up Burda Direct interactive GmbH, which he began to manage in 2009. Since 2011, he has been managing sales at Burda Direkt Services GmbH (BDS). A specialised group of experts, the LeadDirect brand evolved from Burda BDS in 2015.

Division BurdaDirect
Managing directors Andreas Bichlmaier, Rouven Riexinger
Packaging materials sold in 2017 Over 5 million boxes, adhesive tapes, etc.
Range of goods Over 65 core products with 120 variations
Advertising/branding partners Ebay, PayPal