Vegetarian food and lifestyle magazine

This high-quality magazine follows the new trend for more conscious living and brings together creative and uncomplicated recipe ideas every two months that, while meat-free, are not just for vegetarians. Slowly Veggie offers fresh and wholesome alternatives for anyone who enjoys a good and varied diet. These impressive recipes are simple, easy to make, suitable for everyday life and combine regional ingredients from the market with international elements.

Slowly Veggie is the first premium food and lifestyle magazine that offers exclusively vegetarian and vegan recipes, from starters through to desserts. Vegetarian and vegan living is not just a healthy and wholesome form of nutrition, but also reflects a conscious, mindful approach to life. And this is precisely the message that Slowly Veggie projects six times a year.


Anke Krohmer came to Hubert Burda Media in 2002 as deputy editor-in-chief of Lisa following roles with the Bauer Media Group and Axel Springer SE. She has been editor-in-chief of Lust auf Genuss since 2012. She is also responsible for the food titles Slowly Veggie, Das schmeckt and Lisa vegetarisch für jeden Tag, which she played a major role in developing.

Division BurdaVerlag
Managing Director Oliver Eckert
Editor-in-chief Anke Krohmer
Headquarters Munich/Offenburg
Frequency 6 x year
Price €4.95
Media Data bcn.burda
Brand Director Regine Runte