Voice of the East

Super Illu was founded in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall as a “magazine of unity” and remains the media home of people in eastern Germany.

In addition to the weekly print edition, specials such as Super-Ostsee from the travel guide series, the “Legends” series with monothematic editions about major stars from eastern and western Germany and online services, the Super Illu brand family also covers merchandising products. These include DVD and CD ranges such as “DEFA-Filmklassiker” (DEFA film classics) and “Die Musik unserer Generation” (The music of our generation), annual calendars on themes like “Our beautiful homeland”, classic crime stories from the east and the cookery book “Unsere leichte Heimatküche” (Home cooking made easy), which reinterprets East German recipes. With the new, high-quality series “Mein Land” (My country), Super Illu is establishing a whole new position in the homeland magazines segment. The first issue, “Mein Land: Die Elbe” (My country: the Elbe) was released in March 2016 (€4.80).

Every year since 1995, Super Illu has honoured the year’s most popular stars with the Goldene Henne, Germany’s biggest audience award. The glamorous gala is broadcast live on MDR and rbb and is one of the year’s most successful shows for both channels.

Editor-in-Chief, Chief Operating Officer

Stefan Kobus has been editor-in-chief of Guter Rat and Super Illu since March 2016. He previously worked as deputy editor-in-chief at Super Illu (from 2004) and in various managerial roles at “Heinrich-Bauer-Verlag”, for example as editor-in-chief, head of a developmental editorial team and chief editor.