Villa – the new home & living magazine

Home is the place we value most – a place where we can freely express ourselves and let our personality shine. Villa is the epitome of "New Living". It is the cool, exuberant, cosmopolitan living and interior design magazine where individual lifestyle meets maximum design. The premium magazine celebrates elegance and eccentricity, bold design and self-confident lifestyle, and it inspires an open living concept that harmoniously merges our indoor & outdoor living worlds. Villa is stylish, with a passion for strong colors and Mediterranean nonchalance, opulent in imagery, hedonistic and unconventional. The XL format and the lavish paper quality give Villa a high-quality look and feel.

Division BurdaVerlag
Managing Director Oliver Eckert
Editor-in-chief Klaus Dahm
Headquarters Hamburg/Offenburg
Frequency quarterly
Price € 6.90
Media data
Brand Director Petra Hornberger