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They are the voices of fashion – from high end to high street. Thanks to their global brand recognition, magazines like "Gault & Millau", "Elle", or "Instyle" find audiences around the world and have therefore long-established local offshoots of their original flagship editions. In Germany, these are published by Hubert Burda Media. How are these international brands led in the German market and how well do they fare? In this episode, the editor-in-chief of German Harper’s Bazaar tells us all about their national edition and how close they cooperate with the international Harper’s Bazaar family.

  • Name: Harper’s Bazaar
  • Expertise: barometer of the zeitgeist for women who love unconventional luxury
  • Brand founded in 1867 in New York City
  • Published in 50 countries
  • German version published by Burda since 2013
  • With its over 150-year history, Harper's Bazaar is considered the mother of all fashion magazines. Since 2018, Harper's Bazaar has been media partner of the television show "Germany's next topmodel"

Kerstin Schneider, how long have you been editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar?

For seven years.

How has Harper’s Bazaar changed since then?

The German edition of Harper's Bazaar has become more diverse in its content, now including interior, food and travel.

Since we think of Harper's Bazaar as a whole brand, we think and produce not only for print, but also for online, social media, and we also create native videos or event formats for clients like Chanel, Dior or Gucci.

Our readership has grown constantly and their mindset is sophisticated, as they are well-informed and love the extraordinary.

How close does the Harper’s Bazaar family work together globally – Is there a lot of contact or is each magazine run independently?

At Harper's Bazaar, the individual editions operate independently and produce targeted stories for their markets, yet many editors-in-chief are in constant exchange to take on stories or produce them for others or with others.

For example, we produced a story about Yulia Navalnaya together with Harper's Bazaar Russia. We did the photo shoot and Russia did the interview.

Is there any crossover in content or do you create everything specifically for the German market?

In our annual September issues there is a big icon feature that is produced by the US edition and then carried over to all the other issues.

The German Harper's Bazaar is regularly ranked second or third in syndication. Usually, each fashion spread is lifted about 12 times by other countries. Increasingly, interviews, stillshoots or travel stories are also picked up. So we in Germany produce for the whole world.

How many people are involved in the creation of German Harper’s Bazaar?

Our editorial team consists of 10 people.

Last, but not least: Please describe your brand in three words!

High quality, innovative, creative.

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