Personal, diverse, sustainable

Personal, diverse, sustainable

Hubert Burda Media is a family business with the values to match. We want to be role models and work with our employees to make a difference. We have always been a company that instigates change and fulfils social responsibilities. Developed from personal stories and driven by courage and optimism, our foundations and brand initiatives have been advocating for various issues for many decades in an effort to improve our society.

Our vision:

Change is possible if it is supported from “below” and fostered from “above”. We use our power as a media and tech company to put key topics on the agenda and give people a positive incentive to take responsibility for society. We believe it is our job to highlight and encourage personal commitment.

Our areas of activity: sustainability, health, child welfare

We are actively pursuing a “sustainable turn” for our company.

We advocate for greater preventive healthcare and an improved healthcare system. We promote initiatives for healthy and sustainable diets.

We support education projects for socially disadvantaged children in Germany and Africa and use our media to raise awareness of misfortune and issues that attract far too little attention in our society.