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Arising from personal stories and powered by courage and optimism, our charitable foundations have spent the last two decades advocating for key social and sociopolitical topics.

Since 2001, the Felix Burda Stiftung (Felix Burda Foundation) has been working to improve preventive healthcare in Germany regarding colon cancer screening and to change the healthcare system in this area. The Christian-Liebig-Stiftung e.V. (Christian Liebig Foundation) supports education projects for socially disadvantaged children in Africa, Malawi. We use our wide-reaching media to raise awareness of misfortune and issues that attract far too little attention in our society and to support projects for disadvantaged children in Germany via the Tribute to Bambi-Stiftung (Tribute to Bambi Foundation).

Famous events such as Bambi, the Tribute to Bambi charity gala and the Felix Burda Award attract a lot of coverage, draw attention to socially relevant topics, encourage prominent figures to network and give a platform to aid organisations and social initiatives.

Burda foundations and awards

Hubert Burda Stiftung

Since 1999, the Hubert Burda Foundation has been identifying key future topics in the fields of science, culture, art, media, healthcare and international understanding and bringing them to the public.

The Burda Academy of the Third Millennium focuses on the dialogue between cultures and between the sciences, humanities and arts. It has tackled many forward-looking topics at interdisciplinary conferences and concentrates in particular on the social impact of new technologies.

The Center for Innovative Communications was set up at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Beer Sheva to facilitate German/Israeli exchange between media scholars, companies and politicians. The “Cool People in the Hot Desert” conference was one key forum.

The foundation continues to support the European Translators Award, which is presented together with the City of Offenburg to outstanding German linguists. With the Petrarca Award, presented for the last time in 2014, Hubert Burda and the jury combined an annual award for European literature with a poetry festival. The Hubert Burda Award for new European poetry honoured new, previously unheard voices from Eastern Europe.

More about the foundation

Visit the foundation website at: https://www.hubert-burda-stiftung.de/

Felix Burda Stiftung

Based in Munich, the Felix Burda Foundation was set up in 2001 by Dr Christa Maar and Professor Hubert Burda in the name of their son, who died of colorectal cancer in 2001. Projects include the nationwide colorectal cancer month (March) and the Felix Burda Award, which honours outstanding commitment to the prevention of colorectal cancer. The Felix Burda Foundation uses smart event tools and gadgets to bring colorectal cancer prevention to the people: Europe’s largest model colon never fails to fascinate, offering visitors a 20-metre-long virtual reality experience. “APPzumARZT” (APPtoDOCTOR) is a butler of sorts, managing health prevention services for the whole family. Each year, more than 150,000 users use the quick online check to determine their personal risk of colorectal cancer.

The Felix Burda Foundation runs websites and social media accounts and uses dedicated yearly advertising and PR campaigns to raise awareness of colorectal cancer prevention throughout Germany. It is a member of the German government’s National Cancer Plan and the National Decade against Cancer, which is run by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It is also part of the board of trustees at the German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ) and the scientific advisory board of the DKFZ cancer information service.

More about the foundation

Visit the foundation website at: www.felix-burda-stiftung.de

Tribute to Bambi Stiftung

A golden deer that helps children in need: the idea for Tribute to Bambi came about in 2001, initiated by Patricia Riekel (former editor-in-chief of Bunte) and Philipp Welte (board member at Hubert Burda Media) with the aim of helping children by harnessing media coverage of the Bambi awards. The foundation supports projects for children and young people all year round and raises awareness of misfortune and issues that attract far too little attention in our society to give a voice to those who usually go unheard.

More about the foundation

Visit the foundation website at: www.tributetobambi-stiftung.de


Since 2012, the Senator-Ehrenamtspreis (Senator Volunteering Award) has honoured people who give up their time for cultural and educational causes or to help people in need, ensuring that these unsung heroes get the public recognition they so richly deserve. A donation is also made to the project or initiative supported by the winner. Recipients are chosen by an independent jury made up of representatives from the public, the City of Offenburg, the Ortenaukreis district administration and the Hubert Burda Stiftung (Hubert Burda Foundation).

Hubert Burda came up with the idea for the award: “Volunteers are downright essential if cities and districts are to tackle social welfare tasks and challenges. In the tradition of my father, Senator Dr Franz Burda – who took his social responsibilities very seriously, both as an entrepreneur and as a citizen – I want to play my part in a social issue that is so important to the city I grew up in.”


Hubert Burda Media uses the Mitarbeiter-Ehrenamtspreis (Employee Volunteering Award) to honour and highlight its employees’ volunteer work. The award is a way of acknowledging employees who give up their free time for the common good in many different spheres. It is endowed with a prize of EUR 10,000 that can be shared between up to three projects. The award can be bestowed for any form of volunteer work performed as part of a public welfare project. Winners are chosen by an internal jury of notable colleagues from the Burda foundations, BurdaVerlag and the executive board.

“Our colleagues make a real difference to society through their projects. From one citizen to another, I thank them for their dedication. They don’t ask if someone else ought to do the work, they don’t ask to be paid; they get involved where they are needed and foster solidarity as they do so.”

Paul-Bernhard Kallen, Chairman of the Board, Hubert Burda Media

Burda supports the Christian Liebig Foundation

Since 2003, Hubert Burda Media has supported projects aimed at improving educational opportunities for children in Malawi through the Christian Liebig Foundation. It was set up by the partner of Focus editor Christian Liebig and concentrates primarily on face-to-face foreign aid - on providing people with direct assistance, tailored to their needs, in the place that they live. Together, Burda and the Foundation have achieved a great deal: over the years, more than 23,000 children have been able to attend (primary) school. The goal is to help people help themselves, and all donations are used to fund educational measures such as building schools, setting up residential homes for students, providing scholarships for professional training and supporting particularly talented school graduates.

More about the foundation

Visit the foundation website at: www.christian-liebig-stiftung.de


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