What new approaches is Burda taking in the field of Mobility?

Even before the "getting better" sustainability program, Mobility had become a key area for launching comprehensive emission reduction programs.


As part of the preparations for our greenhouse gas emissions audit, we took a close look at the commuting behaviour of our employees: In a large employee survey, we asked, among other things, about the length of the commute, the means of transport used and the number of journeys made during a quarter. Needless to say, the impact of the pandemic was factored in. The results of the survey and the emissions calculated provide the basis for many more far-reaching measures. To this end, options for reducing commuting emissions are currently being examined.

Business travel

We are also working hard to further reduce the carbon footprint of our business travel. In general, being well equipped with technology helps to ensure that business trips are only undertaken when they add real value, over and beyond what online meetings can offer. We are also planning to adjust our Travel Expenses Policy, for example by including mandatory rules on the distances for which rail transport should be used, and which classes are appropriate during air travel. Beyond its direct CO2 emissions, air traffic in particular also produces nitrogen oxides and water vapor in the upper layers of the atmosphere. These destroy the ozone layer and compound the greenhouse effect.

BurdaBike Program

As part of a joint project coordinated by Corporate HR, BurdaProcurement, Corporate Tax and BurdaServices, all Burda employees have been offered a simple and affordable way of leasing the bike of their choice since May 2021: Currently, the number of BurdaBikes in use is in the high three digits and this helps to simultaneously promote good health and protect the environment. Two-thirds of the cycles used are e-bikes. However, employees can choose between leasing an e-bike, a racing bike, a city bike or a cargo bike. Every year a BurdaBike test week is staged at local dealers, during which employees can obtain information on bikes and try them out for themselves. The BurdaBikes form part of a comprehensive mobility program configured by HR. By the way: The Burda family themselves are already making the most of their BurdaBikes!

Company cars & parking

HR's mobility concept also includes the use of electrically-powered company cars, the availability of EV charging facilities at many Burda locations, and a reduction in overall car parking capacity. Since 2020 it has been possible to order electric and hybrid company cars: Employees will be encouraged to switch to more environmentally friendly cars or not to drive to work at all. And here's an added bonus: Since we switched over in 2021, we have been using exclusively green electricity in our office buildings. As a consequence, the electric cars charged at Burda also run on green electricity.

As an alternative to company cars, our BurdaProcurement department already offers Bahncards 25, 50 and 100. These offer free or discounted travel on German trains. They are tax-free if used for business purposes.