10 questions for… Frederike Hopfenmüller


In our “10 questions for…” series, we interview employees from all over the company so that Burda – and their colleagues – can get to know them even better. Today we talk to Frederike Hopfenmüller, Head of Brand Cooperations at TEC, which is part of BurdaVerlag. Here she reveals why flexibility and curiosity are so important to her work and what cashmere and the lottery have to do with it all.

Let’s start with our publisher’s favourite question: what are you working on right now?

On the marketing for our enchanting kids and lifestyle brands, such as TKKG and Peter Maffay’s Anouk, which have been part of our portfolio since the end of last year. I’m also working on attractive offers and ways of adding value that will encourage our live entertainment partners to make bookings after two difficult pandemic years. And on numerous customer pitches, ranging from a leisure park to a kitchen manufacturer and a water park group.

When did you join our company and what did you do before?

I’ve been part of the Brand Licensing Team at TEC The Enabling Company – which is part of BurdaVerlag – for three years. Before that, I worked in PR. Most recently I was Head of PR at Cavalluna, which set up two horse-based experiences in Munich – Equila, a horse show in a new theatre, and Equilaland, an equestrian experience world.

What is it about your job that fascinates you? 

The variety! In a single day, I can learn where the finest cashmere comes from, take a look behind the scenes of a live entertainment show that’s about to premiere, and find out about the latest purchasing behaviour of people who play the lottery.

What skills does your job require?

The creativity to come up with new licensing and marketing ideas all the time, together with your partners. The flexibility to engage in an agile market. And curiosity about the topics and approaches that your partners want to bring to life with your help.

Is there a project of which you’re especially proud?

One current project is the first Freundin Küche; we’ve been working with Küchenquelle and Freundin to create three kitchen models. I’m also incredibly proud of my team’s many projects – including Lu Ren’s cashmere collection with Elle, Spreadshirt’s TKKG collection, the Instyle furniture collection by Kayoom and the two-year lottery campaign.

What is your greatest strength?

Diplomacy. There are moments when you need to find the tiniest bit of common ground, when you need tact and a fine balance. That’s when my greatest strength comes into play.

If you were 18 again, what profession would grab your attention today?

I’d actually pick this job again – but I’d take a different path and I might focus on one or two different areas. 

What did you want to be when you were little?

Far too many things – from a ballerina to a show jumper to a vet, I wanted it all.

How do you switch off outside work?

By exercising: practising downward-facing dog at yoga, trading blows in a boxing ring, or cycling around Munich and into the mountains.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

To being together and interacting more. I think we need it this year more than ever.

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Frederike Hopfenmüller with a licence icon: Minnie Mouse © HBM

Peter Maffay Concert © HBM

On the summit of the Rotwand © HBM

Once more summit luck © HBM

At the Harry Potter premiere © HBM

Frederike Hopfenmüller works as Head of Brand Cooperations Management in Brand Licensing on the marketing of kids and lifestyle brands © HBM

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