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Burda - we are over 12,000 people, all with very different, interesting tasks. In the interview series "10 questions for..." we introduce employees from various areas of the company, so you can get to know us even better.

Today, we talked to Ilka Hoffmann, Senior Brand Manager at Elle in Munich. Read about what drives Ilka, what she is proud of and what she can't do without when she comes to the office in the morning.

What exactly do you do at Hubert Burda Media?

As Senior Brand Manager for Elle, I am responsible for the brand's development and advertising revenue for Elle, the line extensions and our online platform. I am the link between editorial, marketing, sales, marketing and finance.

When and why did you join Burda?

I've been with Burda since August 2015. A dear friend told me that a parental leave substitute was being sought and I have been here ever since.

If you had to describe BurdaStyle in three words, what would they be?

Team spirit, creativity, commitment.

What skills are necessary to do your job?

Marketing knowledge, numerical reasoning, people skills, creativity, diplomacy, the ability to work in a team and proficiency in the English language, as a large part of the turnover comes from abroad.

Which project are you particularly proud of?

I am proud to work for such a successful brand as Elle and to be part of the Elle world.

What's your next big goal you're working toward?

(Laughs) To take away a few more ad pages from our competitors!

What advice has helped you most on your way so far?

If you've been upset, sleep on it for one night before reacting hastily. Then you usually see things more calmly.

What advice would you give to newcomers in your industry?

To always be open for new things and to enjoy personal growth and development.

What can you not do without in your daily work?

My colleagues, my laptop and chocolate.

How do you switch off in your free time?

Playing golf with my husband. That's the perfect balance for me.

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Ilka Hoffmann and colleage Elisabeth Schmidt (Marketing Communications Manager BurdaStyle)

Ilka on the golf course. Her handicap? 13.6

Ilka with colleage Patricia Löhr, project mananger at Elle © HBM

Ilka Hoffmann is Senior Brand Manager at Elle in Munich © HBM

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