10 Questions for Moritz Wanke


Burda - we are over 12,000 people, all with very different, interesting tasks. In the interview series "10 Questions for..." we introduce employees from various areas of the company, so you can get to know us even better.

Today, we talked to Moritz Wanke, editor-in-chief at Chip Foto Video in Munich. Read about what drives Moritz, what he is proud of and what he can't do without when he comes to the office in the morning.

What exactly do you do at Hubert Burda Media?

As editor-in-chief I am mainly responsible for the print magazines Chip Foto Video and N-Photo. I am also responsible for the digital camera channel on

When and why did you join Burda?

 With the start of my employment at Chip in 2013, I was able to realise a great dream: to work for a magazine that I have appreciated since my childhood and that also enjoys a high reputation within the industry. In addition, I was able to turn my hobby into my profession with a focus on photography - it can hardly get any better! Backed by one of Germany's largest publishing houses, where employees can develop both professionally and substantially, my employment is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If you had to describe “Chip Foto Video” in three words, what would they be?

 Passionate. Close to the reader. Legendary. :-)

What skills are necessary to do your job?

First and foremost, one should develop a feeling for topics that interest readers. Next, the story must be presented in an entertaining, comprehensible and visually appealing way in order to reach as large a target group as possible. So much for the journalistic part. Apart from that, there is also a lot of strategic and administrative work to be done: What projects are we planning next? What can be optimised and how? Where do we see our products in the next three years? Also very important: first clearing old things from the list before adding new projects.

What's your next big goal you're working toward?

Two questions will be of particular interest to me in the near future: How can we further develop our print products and how can we get even more successful online? In 2019, we are revising the digital camera channel and aiming for a stronger interaction between print and online.

What advice has helped you most on your way so far?

Just do what you like to do. So far I've had the good luck to bring personal interests into the job. This has helped me a lot, especially in my professional life, as I enjoy working in the editorial department every day and am passionate about my work.

Which project are you especially proud of?

With emphasis on "especially", the revision of the Chip Photo Video for its 15th anniversary comes to my mind. My colleagues did a great job here: The magazine looks fresher, we have many new topics and were able to implement a large part of our readers’ feedback.

What advice would you give to newcomers in your industry?

If I can only give one tip, it's that newcomers should try to get to know all sides of media: online, print and video all have their own advantages and complement each other perfectly - as long as you know and live them. Journalism is a great profession that continues to enjoy great importance even in times of media transformation and fake news.

What can’t you do without in your daily work?

My colleagues. Only great people work here at Chip. They are one reason why I like my job so much.

How do you switch off in your free time?

With music. I have a passion for synthesisers of the 70's and 80's and like to sit in front of my computer a few hours a week to produce a few songs. That's incredibly relaxing!

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