Burda Fest 2016

Burda Russia celebrates the summer


Last sunny Saturday, 27th of August, Burda Russia celebrated the summer city festival Burda Fest 2016 at the Museon park in Moscow. For the third time, Burda Russia turned the park into a real entertainment town for children and grown-ups. Many partners joined and brought many exciting attractions, just like McDonalds who installed a big sport station.

A thank you for the fans

Burda, the Russian name for Burda Style, is one of the main and the most popular magazine in Russia. Burda Russia wanted to create an event to bring together its readers and clients to attract new readers and to raise the popularity of the brand. Furthermore, Burda Russia wanted to thank the Burda community and to strengthen the existing relationship with its readers.

Nobody left empty-handed

Presents were everywhere: shampoo and balsam from brands like Dry Dry, various gifts from Colgate, L’Etoile sélection, SOKOLOV Jevelery and Lamoda. Tutta Larsen, a Russian celebrity, gave presents from the diaper producer Huggies to the youngest guests. The big expert Electra brought its bicycles to the festival and presented one of them to one of the guests.  At the end of the festival two most successful visitors could win the grand prizes – washing machines from the Italian manufacture Candy.

No room for boredom

The most active guests could take part in creative master-classes organized by the hobby-supermarket Leonardo or in food battles organized by Mistral. Many more visitors spend time in the open-air library, practice yoga or visited a real fashion-show of the finalists of the contest Burda Fashion Star.

Burda Fest 2016 was attended by more than 35.000 guests – please find some impressions below.

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Burda Fest celebrates the Russian Burda Style community

Perfect weather, perfect atmosphere and perfect sounds were provided by Burda Russia

Burda, the Russian brand name for Burda Style, is one of the main and the most popular magazine in Russia

The DIY-Community of Burda Style had a lot to do at the Burda Fest

While mum was busy with shampoo, makeup and fashion...

...the kids were entertained by many attractions

Electra presented their bikes to the audience

Washing machines from Candy were the grand prize at the event

The Burda Fest is one of the biggest events of Burda Russia

35.000 visitors came to the event in the heart of Moscow

Many partners contributed attractions for the visitors

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