Bye work day, mountain air - hurray!


Whenever Steffi Czerny, founder of one of Europe’s most successful digital conferences, is at home in Kreuth, she always goes for a morning walk. Blossoming fields, towering trees – she believes it is important to have a relationship with nature: “If you want to understand digitalisation, you need to understand nature. They both work on the same principle: everything is interwoven.”

And so, last week, she invited long-standing DLD friends, speakers and supporters to her home by Lake Tegernsee for the first DLD Hike. The 70 participants would normally meet in prestigious venues in cities such as Tel Aviv, Singapore, New York, San Francisco or Brussels. Now, however, it was time to head into the Bavarian mountains!

Walking & workshops

Their business attire swapped for hiking gear, their boots tightly fastened, it was time to scale the Wallberg. As well as hiking together, participants attended workshops led by experts from the UnternehmerTUM centre exploring topics like new mobility and artificial intelligence in more depth. Above all else, the aim was to network, gain inspiration and switch off from the digital world in the calm and relaxing mountain ambience far from their usual office lives.

A growing network

DLD is a community, an international network of inspiring personalities, business leaders and creative minds that has been growing for years. This special mix of people made the mountain getaway a wonderful experience for all and brought them closer together – whether taking a break at the peak, enjoying a snack in the cosy Wallberghaus hut, participating in group workshops or sleeping in rustic yet chic dormitories. After two days of exercise and inspiration, everyone agreed that the DLD Hike had been a resounding success and should definitely be repeated next year!

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Helmut Schönenberger (UnternehmerTUM) and DLD founder Steffi Czerny © Dominik Gigler for DLD

Focus Online editor-in-chief Florian Festl (r.) was also part of DLD Hike © Dominik Gigler for DLD

Mammut CEO Oliver Pabst equipped the participants with jackets for the hike © Dominik Gigler for DLD

Sophie Ahrens (Head of Corporate Business Development) © Dominik Gigler for DLD

Christian Dennler (Deloitte) led the group © Dominik Gigler for DLD

Christian Teichmann (BurdaPrincipal Investments, m.) participated in the workshop on Artificial Intelligence © Dominik Gigler for DLD

Maria Furtwängler was also involved © Dominik Gigler for DLD

Xing founder Lars Hinrichs © Dominik Gigler for DLD

Margret Suckale, Member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Telekom © Dominik Gigler for DLD

Dominik Pförringer, trauma surgeon and DRG representative (university hospital „Rechts der Isar”) © Dominik Gigler for DLD

Beate Merk (CSU) and Gabi Zedlmayer (Board Advisor, 42cx) © Dominik Gigler for DLD

Christian Dennler (Deloitte), Beate Merk (CSU), Ilse Aigner (President of the Bavarian Parliament) with Christian Pape (KPV Group) and Gabi Zedlmayer (Board Advisor, 42cx) © Dominik Gigler for DLD

Constantin Birnstiel (Merck KGaA), Dominik Pförringer (University hospital „Rechts der Isar”), Martin Gotschlich (UnternehmerTUM), Oliver Pabst (Mammut), Gabi Zedlmayer (42cx), Carl Benedikt Frey (Oxford University), Gunda Opitz (UnternehmerTUM), Christian Pape (KVP Group), Adam Probst (maiot), Steffi Czerny (DLD), Kirstin Hegner (UnternehmerTUM), Christian Dennler (Deloitte) © Dominik Gigler for DLD

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